Euro 2024 A severe injury to the Hungarian player terrifies viewers

During the Euro 2024 match between Hungary and Scotland in Germany, a scary moment caused the game to stop. It happened in the 68th minute with the score tied 0-0. Hungarian player Dominik Soboszlai kicked the ball towards Scotland’s goal, leading to a collision between players.

Strong collision

There was a strong collision when Hungarian striker Barnabas Varga ran into Scottish goalkeeper Angus Gunn. This caused concern among fans and people at the Stuttgart stadium.

Blank player status developments

Hungarian players and staff quickly called for medical help. They set up a curtain for privacy and paramedics soon arrived with a stretcher. They took Varga off the field, and his teammates and paramedics later said he was okay.

After checking that Varga was safe, the match resumed.

Later, the Hungarian Football Association told the BBC that Varga was stable and awake at a hospital in Stuttgart.

Italian coach Marco Rossi also said Varga’s condition was stable and the injury wasn’t serious, but he would need facial surgery. Because of this, Varga wouldn’t be able to play in the rest of the Euro 2024 tournament.

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